Tech-2000 started building custom and original tools and their respective parts by incorporating new concepts through the participation of leading researchers and their needs. We now serve Geology and Geophysics research groups worldwide.

We are the world innovators in handheld underwater core drilling. Our portable hydraulic core drill has been one of our best selling products up to this point. Over the years we have diversified our offerings and now offer a pneumatic version of the drill that can attach to a scuba tank for taking smaller samples up to 1 1⁄2 inch diameter. 

Our newest innovation in the series is a drill that uses salt water as an alternative to hydraulic fluid. This makes it easier to enter into restricted areas for special needs sampling, negating the risk of oil spillage from the tools. The hydraulic and water powered drill can drill up to 3 1⁄2” diameter cores to an impressive core length reaching twenty feet at depths exceeding seventy feet below the water’s surface.

Today, we are also a leading supplier of scientific grade GNSS deployable antenna masts. We have solutions for both campaign (roving) and permanent installations. The campaign mast is a temporary survey mode where it is moved from station to station where an existing stainless steel or similar survey marker is present. The permanent mast is held in place with double wedge rock anchor bolts. The permanent mast can be deployed quickly and is ideal for remote and harsh areas such as Antarctica, Greenland, and the tops of volcanoes.

Tech-2000 is known for it’s one on one customer focus and precision manufacturing that includes segmented Jacob Staffs, UV thin section ovens, and Gimbal mounts for OBS units. 

If you have a special innovation or design need, please contact us about our proto-typing and custom works.We take great pride in our customer’s achievements, and our mission is dedicated to the future of our planet Earth through supporting the technical needs of research.

Wheeler Tech 2000